They Came to Feed is a frenzied co-op game where up to four players take control of alien plants on two legs with a huge appetite for human meat. It’s set in the fictional 1950′s where cliché horror titles were a dime a dozen, and the big inspiration for this game was the cult classic ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. Using their tongues our fearsome heroes eat people and any manner of objects in the environment, and perform missions to bring humanity from the top of the food chain into their mouths.

This game started as a student project which continued to live on together with Coastalbyte, a company which three friends of mine wanted to create, and they had laid their eyes on the concept. The project continued to a playable state where four people could play together locally, but eventually the project was yet again put aside. The art direction was made by Rasmus Jensen and I created the 3D assets required using his concept art. I also did the skeletal rigging of the playable character. It was a fun project where I learned a lot about writing asset lists and churning out a lot of assets in a relatively short period of time (about three weeks).