The player assumes control of a middle aged woman who suffers from traumatic experiences and split-personality disorder. She lives secluded in her own apartment, never leaving it apart from opening the door when collecting her TVShop deliveries or ordered groceries. One day however, her fragile but somewhat stable life takes a turn for the worse, as the manifestation of her own insanity plunges her deep into the realm of psychosis and madness. She must defeat her traumas manifested as sub-personalities in the wicked realms of her mind, and survive.

Phobia is a first-person horror game that have been developed on the side by myself, and became a more fully fledged concept when I joined together with Rasmus Jensen, Filip Angélison and Johan Angélison. Together we developed our final paper with this as game as our focus, and we aimed to create the visual concept but not the actual game itself.

It’s game mechanics is what I pride myself most with, but when it comes to the graphic concept its yet again Rasmus Jensen that shines with his excellent environment art. I have pitched this game concept to the budding game company 12 ‘O Clock Studios, and they did show considerable interest in the concept. Hopefully I’ll be able to continue this project sometime in the future.