Click here to play Nucleora! (Requires Flash)

The player controls a rogue particle in a reactor core who tries its best to create a meltdown. The scientists tries their best to stop the player from succeeding by throwing in miscellaneous objects and moving the core to different places each level (e.g. a watertank, solid ice, rocket to the moon). The particle must try its best to stay alive by creating chain reactions, and ultimately bring on the meltdown.

Created the game by myself after one course in Flash back in 2010 and came up with a simple idea that was doable with my limited knowledge of programming. I wondered if I could create a game where the player would travel between clusters of bunched up shots, and then when the player “shoots” by clicking the left button, the cluster of shots then exploded and the following shots could then also trigger more reactions. I took it on myself to work on it on my spare time, mostly over the weekends, over a year. I tackled the programming problems myself and enjoyed fiddling around with the graphic profile. How to make it feel slick, how to make it feel satisfying, how to take away the jarring elements. I hope to finish this small project in the future.

I also participated in the Game Concept Challenge 2011 and did not qualify. It set the project at a motivational standstill but I received useful feedback from the judges who are experienced with the game business.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much for a game to feel fresh. There are similar games on the market, but this has potential. The difficulty level is somewhat high for the beginner, but I suspect it feels easier when playing on a phone. It could do with some more bells and whistles. Some of the ten weeks should definitely be spent on polishing the graphics, but the main look is great. Depending on what the sell price will be set to, the game could also be considered a little low on content. Maybe there is room for a few more game modes? A zen mode maybe, or a set of especially designed puzzles?