This game contains art from Rasmus JensenEmma Grahn and myself

“Mystling” is a storydriven, atmospheric ‘Metroidvania’ 2D platformer adventure game.
In a world facing darkness the Mystlings must find a way to stop the Dark Mist from consuming their homelands. Their hope lies on a single individual with the unique ability to see through the black and white veil and perceive colour which is the key to saving the world. The game spans twelve different areas containing numerous upgrades for the player. An epic love story that defies lifetimes to uncover.

This is the game I’ve spent most effort into creating, together with a group of people who all wanted to make this game happen. It was first developed as a prototype during my first year at Blekinge Institute of Technology in MultiMedia Fusion 2, a game development tool that required little knowledge of coding. After encouragement I decided to participate in a gaming competition in Sweden called Swedish Game Awards 2008, or ‘SGA’ for short. I recruited into my little project the great musical talent Fredrik Häthén and concept artist Rasmus Jensen. After that it snowballed into a long project with several new members that spanned the better part of 2½ years on our spare time with a playable conversion to XNA, complete with soundtrack and our own editor. After an agreed hiatus required for getting our grades, it did unfortunately not continue as people graduated and the group shattered.

However, with the help of Niclas Karlsson we’ve developed an almost entirely finished game design document that hopefully we’ll be able to use to finish the game one day. The gameplay and story has been reiterated after our playtests, and with our new experience we’ve improved upon it and working on it still as a project on the side. The game is unique in the way that the story is set up, and the game we’ve all been dreaming to do where we combine the strengths of heartfelt storytelling and the kind of desolate exploration found in the Metroid series or Nifflas’ games.

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