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Download 2010 Prototype

Hello adventurer! You are now entering Prototype Land. You’ve been warned.

Things beyond this point are poorly designed by students who were inexperienced but eager, and does not hesitate to include intrusive tutorials or not fixing game breaking bugs. These prototypes were released during 2010, and are NOT representative of what the final game will be like. Game mechanics have been overhauled almost completely, and for good reason. I am putting these files out for download so I can receive general feedback about how you perceive the game’s aesthetics and feel more than the gameplay itself. The gameplay will be covered in another prototype, coming 2013 most likely.

You’ll be able to post your feedback to me on the Facebook page or Twitter if you like to keep it very short.


If you’re going to play both, please uninstall the previous version before installing the next. Windows registers it as the same game so it won’t go through with the installation.


Tutorial demo (Oldest functional prototype)
This demo stands out since it includes ‘Wall running’ and a lot of intrusive tutorials. However, it does help you learn how to control the game and play the second download (the Game Concept Challenge version seen below) which is a more rewarding experience which includes a final boss at the end. Oh and when you see a leaf pile after entering the ruins, please tread carefully as you tend to get stuck on it.



Game Concept Challenge (Latest functional prototype)
This version does not include tutorials but offer things like physics puzzles, cut-scene, potion brewing, new enemies and a boss fight at the end. You can brew potions after the cutscene where you receive the ingredients. You start brewing by pressing “Start” or “Escape” and then adding berries in the following orders: green – red – red (20% health potion) AND green – blue -blue (100% mana restore). This prototype also includes Mist Form, which can be assigned by pressing down the right analogue stick on your Xbox360 controller  two times and then swivel it to one of the icons to assign it to the Y-button. Yes, it’s a bit complicated, but the intention was for the player to equip two slots: the yellow is for forms and the red is for powerful offensive abilities. Anyway, try it out.