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“Mystling” is a storydriven, atmospheric ‘Metroidvania’ 2D platformer adventure game.
In a world facing darkness the Mystlings must find a way to stop the Dark Mist from consuming their homelands. Their hope lies on a single individual with the unique ability to see through the black and white veil and perceive colour which is the key to saving the world. The game spans twelve different areas containing numerous upgrades for the player. An epic love story that defies lifetimes to uncover.


Feature List:
- Help the Mystlings save the forest from a thick and dark mist that has come to envelop their domains.
- Experience a smooth gameplay experience and use your elemental companions the Ghostfires and your handy Patron’s staff to bring down your foes.
- Find all the secrets and explore every creek and corner of the forest.
- Change shapes, perform powerful elemental attacks.
- See the introduction cutscene and many more beautiful images that portrays different events during the game.


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2012 Team
Markus Lundberg
Nicklas Karlsson


2011 Former Members
Viktor Dahlqvist – Producer
Rasmus Jensen – Graphics
Emma Grahn – Graphics
Calle Leppäjoki – Sound effects
Fredrik Häthén – Music and Sound
Oliver Henriksson – Programmer
Patrik Karlsson – Programmer

2009-2010 Former Members
Alexander Åkerman – Programmer
Lukas Dissing – Programmer
Sam Samuelsson – Storywriter