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Final Design?

It’s so very close to being final now, the only thing I imagine could use a bit more work would be for the header to have a flash-file showing leaves blowing around the header logo and reworking a bit on the footer.

I hope you’re liking the new design!

Somewhat Closer

I think I may be done soon. Just using this post to fill up the page a bit.

Have been working on this theme for two days now and it’s just so much easier than I first believed, a bit confused by the PHP-files though as they are pretty… weird.

Anyway, once this site is up and running for the public (it already is but I don’t know how many actually see this page) we’ll show some more conceptart, reveal ideas and create a proper forum that we and perhaps other people can use as well.

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Under Development

This is hopefully Mystling’s future blog. I’m just going to try and tidy it up with some neat design and other awesome stuff that I probably won’t have time to do in like a gazillion years.

//Andrige / Markus Lundberg