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Post of Undeniable Truths

Hey spammers! I really appreciate how you’ve kept my inbox warm with new comments about your new business solutions, but now it’s time for actual content to reappear.

I’ve been neglecting this site for a very, very long time now. But the reason for it is quite simple: the project died back in late 2010. It wasn’t easy to announce it, so I didn’t.

The very last meeting we had, project members declared that they had to work on their final assignment and understandably so; the project was a long standing failure. We didn’t make the game that wowed or impressed, and it ate our time. We tried hard to reach deadlines, peopled worked with my unintelligible game design which ate a lot of my focus and gave me quite a bit of grief when I couldn’t get it right. So regretfully, most members that have worked on Mystling have gone to other places in life and I hope this project served as a stepping stone on maybe how not to run a project in the future.

Now… with the negativity out of the way, now for the fun stuff. Or moderately fun, at the very least.

I have graduated now myself and am in hot pursuit of a spot into the business. It’s not exactly easy, as jobs do not knock on your shoulder and many of them have a fairly high bar of entry. But in my time of unemployment I’ve found the time and motivation to see that Mystling gets a chance at getting done. So that’s what’s going on now. I am working together with two excellent people, Niclas and Fredrik. We have worked on the design and story aspect now for a very, very long time, but now the gameplay is as done as it’ll need to be.

The thing about planning ahead is that it doesn’t come even close to making, so I’m going to code the prototype for how the gameplay is going to work in GameMaker. Derek Yu, the guy behind Aquaria, wrote the inspiring article¬†Finishing a Game¬†which all punch out hard facts on how to make your game – this huge beast of a thing – reality.

I am alive. But I am more alive on Facebook, so if you want to chime in on questions or see new updates, it’s the place to check. For the moment it’s a great platform for me to easily reach out and get responses and coverage, it might change later on of course if people want me to use Twitter or something else instead.


So that’s the plan. It excites me very much, and hopefully it’ll make you at least shrug your shoulders and do that weird face of “yeah, okay”.

That’s all I could ask for.