SmartPhone development sealed! 8Jun

Great news! Me and a group of three others have sealed a deal with a story-teller museum in Ljungby, Sweden!

We are to continue our project on a smartphone-application that helps visitors find the different locations around the county where the stories have come from with Google Maps, and also let them listen to the stories in different languages as well as watching a slideshow to each story consisting of about 9-12 images or so.

Now the fun part is that they want a whopping 60 stories with illustrations and they want the whole thing done by May 2011. I’m sensing a lot of work in my future, especially since Mystling is still underway I wonder how I should prioritize my time.


Besides that, I’m delightfully free of work from courses and such so I’m heading back home with my parents over the summer to work in some more money in my pocket. I intend to work during this time on my other projects, but I think it will mostly be creating documents for Mystling and maintaining contact with my team in Karlshamn; a few 130 metric-miles away.

We have great plans for the autumn since we intend to participate in another contest called Game Concept Challenge held at the very same university where we study, so we just have to walk a few metres to claim our prize (I hope!).
So, keep an eye out on our site!

‘Threedee’ renders? Where are they? 30Jan

So what am I exactly doing these days you might wonder?

Well in all honesty I’m in a bit of a pinch with keeping my motivation up so it’s been a bit hard to find myself drawing and feel confident enough to actually submit it for others to view, and the rest of the time I’m just squeezing my head out for Mystling‘s sake as the innovative and lead designer. (and that’s not a bad thing, feels like a great project!)

I do have some 3D-renders I would like to share, but I do feel like posting images of living things without a proper pose (the “arms stretched out” approach just doesn’t work out honestly) is a bad idea since I’m going to learn how to rig and animate them in maybe 5 weeks or more.
Maybe I’m just lazy, heh.

Anyway, probably going to become more active here in due time. I have read some pretty interesting things about game development and such but right now it’s full-steam work on Mystling and recouperating when I’m not working!

But before I go I’ll share this conceptart of a landscape I created. It’s nothing extraordinary by any means but I do need the practice on creating environment art in any form. Going to see if I can’t improve myself in that department over the year.

This is Yonder Valley anyway.

Yonder Valley 30Jan

Click here to see the Artwork

Featuring: Immense Design 13Jan

Hey, thought I’d give a heads-up on my colleague Rasmus Jensen who I’m working on Mystling with. He also made a sweet portfolio with a lot of cool conceptart I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Take a look!

New Blog! 13Jan

Hello everyone on the internets!
This is my blog in the works, and besides looking horribly orange it’s almost done in terms of layout and what I want from it. There’s not much art to show off right now, but more will come in the future.
Meanwhile you can visit my DevART account for more art I have done.

Shaman Flayers 13Jan

Click here to see the Artwork

Lost Ways 6Jan

Click here to see the Artwork

Druid Montage 15Dec

Click here to see the Artwork